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Nail Fungus

Laser for Fungal toenails

The fungal toenail is a condition where a fungal infection is present in or under a patient’s toenails. Most often it is the bacteria trichophyton which causes the infection. The infection itself typically occurs because the nails have been kept in wet or moist surroundings without the correct care including a group shower. Athletes can be more vulnerable to fungal toenails because they use these facilities and because their feet are continually kept in tight, sweaty shoes. Those with an undermined immune system can also be more vulnerable to fungal infections in the toenails.

How are Fungal Nails Treated?

At the practice, laser toenail fungus treatment is used for serious cases of fungal toenail infection. Laser treatments have shown to be more successful than topical ointments and can clear the infection without damaging the healing tissue. For minor cases, creams and topical medications are used to treat fungal nails. However, when the condition is a bit more serious, oral medications are used because they have proven to be very effective. The most commonly prescribe medication which has been effective is Lamisil otherwise known as terbinafine.
What causes fungal toenails?

Toenail fungus develops when the toenails have been in moist or wet environments and did not receive proper care afterward. For instance, areas such as communal showers can often be a breeding ground for fungus. Because of this, athletes can be more prone to developing fungal toenails. The fungus gains entry at the far end of the nail, where it separates from the skin, and develops there. There are three types of fungal nail infections:

Distal subungual onychomycosis – An infection which progresses from the nail’s end to the base. This traditionally develops in the toenails.

Proximal subungual onychomycosis – When the infection progresses from the base of the nail or toe and moves downward toward the nail end.

Yeast onychomycosis – An infection connected with the yeast candida. This is usually found on the fingernails causing the nails to turn yellow or brown and thicken. Occasionally this yeast can be found in the mouth as well. When you undergoing nail fungus treatment, it’s very important to sterilize your shoes every week as your shoes now contaminated and would slow down your treatment time and potentially could reinfect you even after you already recovered. Doctor Podolskiy, one of the founders of European Foot and Ankle clinic invented ( patent pending) special socks ( Guardian gel socks) that would have protective gel layer over the toes , to prevent fungus reinfection and transfer . That would also serve as cushioning layer and moisturizer for your skin over toes bony prominences as well as for lost fat padding in the ball of the foot , thus helping Neuroma conditions as well. Gel layer is stink and sweat proof due to ventilation feature and now available in our clinics as a protective gel layer , until socks will be manufactured. It feels extremely nice over toes to wear under the socks and has very good texture. It can come as thin layer of silicone gel cup over toes as well as fabric covered gel cup.

Laser for fungal toenail is a pain free and fast procedure, to treat any type of fungus infection in your nail. This technique uses laser light to penetrate and vaporize nail bed and special frequency kills only infected cells, with this method there’s no down time and it does not affect your everyday life. Unfortunately all Illinois insurance providers seeing Nail Fungus Laser treatment as a cosmetic procedure , this service can only be provided for private payers.

In our clinic we use Q-Clear Laser for toe nail fungus treatment.

Q-Clear™ is the ONLY Laser System in the market with such great results and no side effects.The Q-Clear™ laser system has been cleared by the US FDA for multiple indications including “temporary increase of clear nail in patients with Onychomycosis.

Its Clinical study showed more than 95% efficacy and no pain in mild to moderate severity cases . It is one of the few FDA cleared lasers for fungal nails that the efficacy is on its 510K.


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