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Laser for fungal toenails

Laser for fungal toenail is a pain free and fast procedure, to treat any type of fungus infection in your nail. This technique uses laser light to penetrate and vaporize nail bed and special frequency kills only infected cells, with this method there’s no down time and it does not affect your everyday life. Unfortunately all Illinois insurance providers seeing Nail Fungus Laser treatment as a cosmetic procedure , this service can only be provided for private payers.

In our clinic we use Q-Clear Laser for toe nail fungus treatment.

Q-Clear™ is the ONLY Laser System in the market with such great results and no side effects.The Q-Clear™ laser system has been cleared by the US FDA for multiple indications including “temporary increase of clear nail in patients with Onychomycosis.

Its Clinical study showed more than 95% efficacy and no pain in mild to moderate severity cases . It is one of the few FDA cleared lasers for fungal nails that the efficacy is on its 510K.

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